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The Fragility of Light


Introducing "The Fragility of Light," Heather S. Lonczak's debut novel—a poignant exploration of mental health, resilience, and the enduring power of familial bonds.
Sunny Zielinski is a beautiful and talented young woman with a promising future. A recent college graduate, Sunny has landed her dream job as a book editor and is soon to be married. Her close-knit family is her strength, particularly her fiercely loving grandparents—Holocaust survivors who helped to raise her.
Following two major losses, Sunny finds herself becoming unhinged. When she experiences her first psychotic break, she is plunged into a place of profound fear and confusion. As her delusions, hallucinations, and mood symptoms take over, Sunny traverses a harrowing journey into the depths of madness. Underlying her despair is the devastating delusion that she is being hunted by the Nazis.
As Sunny attempts to navigate her symptoms, she vacillates between understanding that she has a mental illness and being convinced that the doctors are conspiring against her. Adding to the narrative are Sunny’s relationships with her devoted family, her nebulous history with her mother, and the colorful and often tragic patients she meets along the way. Ultimately, love, determination, and hope emerge as salient aspects of Sunny’s recovery as she struggles to find her way out of the darkness.



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Hardcover w/ dust jacket ISBN:9798989648108

Paperback ISBN: 9781735362595

ePub ISBN: 9798989648115

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Editorial Reviews

"A searing portrait of mental illness and a family trying to stay together. ... the story delivers a sharply written and startling account of a woman and a family put to the test by mental illness and how they learn to cope and become resilient... readers will find it impossible to put down." Verdict: GET IT

- Kirkus Reviews


"The Fragility of Light is a moving and thought-provoking exploration of mental illness, grief, and the resilience of the human spirit. Its honest and sensitive portrayal of these complex issues makes it a valuable read for those seeking to understand the nuances of mental health and the power of human empathy in the face of adversity. ... Lonczak's portrayal of Sunny's journey through mental illness is both heart-wrenching and insightful. The book delves deeply into the emotional turmoil and psychological challenges Sunny faces. The depiction of her battle with psychosis and her efforts toward recovery offers readers a window into the often misunderstood world of mental health disorders. This aspect of the book is particularly enlightening, shedding light on the reality of living with such conditions and the impact they have on individuals and their loved ones." * * * * *

- Literary Titan

"The Fragility of Light is an enthralling, fascinating, and captivating novel by Heather S. Lonczak that tackles several huge topics including generational/trans-generational trauma, grief, mental illness, romance, and healing." Score: 95/100 (9.5 out of 10)

- Outstanding Creator Award


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