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Henry's Ride

May 1, 2006

As Henry rides along in a stroller, he takes-in the buzz of activity around him, all the while being comforted by the constant "Pitterpat" of his mother's footsteps. Join Henry on his lovely little journey and experience a jog from a baby's perspective!

(Printed in US, UK or AU)

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"The sounds of a mother running lull a toddler to sleep in this rhyming picture book."

"Baby Henry’s mother loves to run. She straps Henry into his stroller and off they go, through the neighborhood, downtown, and to a park. Henry eventually dozes off; when he wakes, they’re almost home. Now, Henry’s mom feels like she needs a nap, but he is ready to be off and running. With the exception of the first page, the verse scans beautifully, always rhyming with the same 'pitterpat, pitterpat' sound of the mother’s running feet, encouraging lap readers to chime in on the refrain. The sights and sounds of this stroller run are described in a lovingly familiar way that suburban readers will immediately recognize. Mack’s watercolor illustrations add details unmentioned in the text—over the course of the run, Henry loses both his hat and a sock—that are sure to entertain children and resonate with parents. Mack ably captures both Henry’s energy and his sleepy demeanor. Although the cast is predominantly light-skinned, the people along Henry’s run come in different sizes, shapes, and ages, all friendly to a tyke in a moving stroller. Psychologist Lonczak offers no heavy-handed message in this celebration of togetherness: Henry loves being with his mom and seeing the world from his stroller, where he feels comfortable and safe enough to snooze."

"For kids and parents who run, in strollers or otherwise, this hits the right notes."

Kirkus Review

Full review: link, PDF

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