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Paddy Poopenhopper's Magic Turds: A Tale of Kindness and Gratitude

March 19, 2021

'Paddy Poopenhopper's Magic Turds' is an inspiring tale that illuminates the endless ripple effects of kindness. In the quiet town of Goobersvile, legend has it that Paddy Poopenhopper has magic turds that turn to gold. One year, when misfortune hits the town, Paddy's most loyal believer-little 'Gracie Boone'-decides to help her neighbors by finding the magic turds herself. Gracie is overjoyed to discover a giant WOOSH of white fluff and a pile of the biggest turds she's ever seen! After she carefully plants and tends to the turds, they miraculously sprout stunning purple flowers with golden nuggets-which Gracie gives to a family in need. Gracie's kindness sets off a flurry of activity in the town-including a mix of generosity and greed. Oddly, sometimes Paddy's turds don't grow into anything at all. But only Paddy Poopenhopper knows the real secret, which is that his turds will only flourish when cared for with love and given away with a pure heart. And without gratitude, the gold will simply crumble into dust. With its colorful and hilarious illustrations, 'Paddy Poopenhopper' will have children laughing out loud while believing in the magical power of love.

(Printed in US, UK or AU)

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