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Mookey the Monkey: Gets Over Begin Teased


There once lived a monkey named 'Mookey' who was born without a single hair on his body. No fur, no fleece, not even a hint of fuzz. Mookey's family thought his silky skin was beautiful and made him colorful clothes to keep him warm. But when Mookey started school, he quickly learned how it feels to be teased. His classmates had never seen a monkey without hair. They pointed, stared, and called him 'Baldy.' Mookey began to feel bad about himself and set-out to change his hairless skin. After trying all sorts of things, Mookey decides to listen to the wise animals throughout the jungle. They teach him all sorts of terrific tools to use when teased. As Mookey applies his new skills, the teasers lose interest and Mookey gains a sense of empowerment. Ultimately, Mookey learns to love himself just the way he is.

(Printed in US, UK or AU)

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