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Mookey the Monkey: Gets Over Begin Teased

May 1, 2006

Once upon a time in a faraway jungle, a monkey named Mookey was born without a single hair on his body. No fur, no fleece, not even fuzz. All of Mookey's family thought he was beautiful. And as he grew, Mookey too loved his own smooth skin. But the day he started school was the day he found out about teasing. His classmates had never seen a monkey with no fur. They stared. They pointed and giggled. They called him Baldy. What was Mookey to do?

A Note to Parents and Teachers by psychologist and author Jane Annunziata discusses the effects of childhood teasing, outlines a wealth of coping strategies for children, and offers guidance to both parents and teachers for responding when children are teased or bullied.

Mookey the Monkey - Front Cover.jpg

iParenting Media Award Winner!

Translated in: English, Chinese

Adopted for education: 

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